Date of birth: 01/11/2005
Hips: Ok
Eyes: Ok
Breeder: Halina Wozniak, Poland
Titles: Estonian Junior Champion

Description: We wanted a son of the famous Brad Pitt Del Lago Degli Orsi and now we have King. We had to wait for him long  cause the mother was important to us too, not only the father. When Kinxu was 2 months old he had a super white clear mask. After his first litter we found out that he has a strong white gene, one of the pups was white like a snowbear. Kinxu is a very  big male and pretty dominant too. His cleanliness can't be compared to my other dogs. He keeps himself clean like a cat and thinks our females are too dirty so he tries to keep them clean too.


Ch. Brad Pitt Del Lago Degli Orsi
Ch. Pandizucchero Del Lago Degli Orsi
Ch. Poker Flat's Yukon Law
Ch. Taolan's Flying Colours
Poker Flat's Dark Side Of The Moon
Ch. Storm Kloud's Can't Catch Me
Ch. Storm Kloud's Keep The Win
Ch. Storm Kloud's Hharmony
Ch. Storm Kloud's Oonly The Best
Ch. Storm Kloud's All System Go
Ch. Storm Kloud's Wwon 'N Great Taste
Ch. Storm Kloud's Chela of Kaulee
Ch. Storm Kloud's Witchkraft
Ch. Storm Kloud's Qquest for Glory
Ch. Storm Kloud's Lick'M 'N Leave 'M
Colorado Huk Amarok
Ch. Forti Fortuna Chance of Life
  Ch. Believe The Win of Montego
Ch. Storm Kloud's Ccyrus Rex Valae
Ch. Conny Na Horence
Ch. CV Selection Line Overnight Train
Nearly-Jarno of the Jongblood Trail
  CV Selection Line My Fatal Attraction
Jenny Huk Amarok
Ch.Werdi Huk Amarok
  Ch. Carrt Manitoba
Arda Od Striberky
Tajga Huk Amarok
Ch. Nadir Thalia
  Ch.Dutch Manitoba