Date of birth: 01/10/2003
Hips: Ok
Eyes: Ok
Breeder: Halina Wozniak, Poland
Titles: Estonian young champion, Estonian champion, Estonian Winner 2006, Lithuanian champion, 
Lithuanian Winner 2006, Latvian champion, Latvian Winner, Baltic Winner, Baltic champion, Belarus champion, 
Belarus Spring Cup 2007 Winner, Russian champion, Interchampion.

Description: Nearis was 5 months old when we got her. She is a dog-barbie and has always been very successful in shows. 
She is very sweet and tender to little children,perfect for child & dog competition. Our special thanks goes to
kennel Huk Amarok in Poland who agreed to break away from her and gave her to us.



Multi Ch. Storm Kloud's Hhudson Icy Wind
Ch. Storm Kloud's Corner The Market
Ch. Storm Kloud's Keep The Win
Ch. Storm Kloud's Oomiak
Storm Kloud's Ddawn In The North
Ch. Storm Kloud's Hharmony
Ch. Storm Kloud's Better Than Ever
Ch. Princess Nikkita Sno-Kloud
Ch. Storm Kloud's Lick'm Leave'm
Ch. Poker Flat's Yukon Law
Ch. Taolan's Flying Colours
Poker Flat's Dark Side Of The Moon
Ch. Storm Kloud's Can't Catch Me
Ch. Storm Kloud's Keep The Win
Ch. Storm Kloud's Hharmony
Ch. Silver Moon Huk Amarok
Ch. Biscuit
Cliquot Del Lago Degli Orsi
Ch. Kiss Me Again Del Lago Degli Orsi
Ch. Storm Kloud's Fancy D'Chanukah
Mikidame-Bear's O'Chinook
Heritage KB Tribut of Chinook
Cold Valley's Ithaka
Ch. Jurta Huk Amarok
Ch. Werdi Huk Amarok
Ch. Carrt Manitoba
Arda Od Striberky
Tajga Huk Amarok
Ch. Nadir Thalia
Ch.Dutch Manitoba